What is Brandobast?

Brandobäst is a combination of two words. 1. BRAND and 2. BANDOBAST

Let us have a look at the dictionary meaning of this Indian Word, bandobast.

bandobast (noun) read as bʌn.də.bʌst

[U] protection of a person, building, or organization against crime or attack: Poor bandobast has been cited as reason for the assassinations.

[C] the group of people responsible for protecting a person, building, or organization: Elaborate arrangements for the bandobast were made during the president’s visit to our town.

http://dict.hinkhoj.com says, बन्दोबस्त {bandobast} = ARRANGE(Verb)

Usage: arrange the books on the shelves chronologically


No matter how big is the problem or

how intense is the challenge we would love to FIX it.

Chances are, we may have more than one solution

for a single task, just as in case of the messed up cube.

Therefore, Brandobast is here with

all the bandobast you need for your brand



BRANDOBAST is a brain-child of Mr. Anil Parkhe

Anil is a Brand Consultant, Writer, and a FaithCoach.

Although he studied Computer Science at higher grade and wanted to make a career in Computer Technology; in the initial 5 years of his career he worked at different administrative positions in a marketing company, an education institute, and ITES companies which actually made him realize what he didn’t want in life and he was back to his first love that is creative design, only this time the paper and pencil was replaced by a computer.

He has been given a privilege to provide consulting services to hundreds of projects and numerous companies in terms of Brand Identity Creation and Promotion, Print Design, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Audio Visuals, Web Designing and Hosting Solutions, Mobile Apps etc.

He is best known as a problem solver and consulted for creative ideation as well as for his ability to counsel and guide in difficult times such as failures and confusion.

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